My Internet Explorer Address Bar Disappeared - How Do I Jun 09, 2004 How Do I Restore The Missing Address Bar In Internet There is the odd occasion when the Address bar option disappears from Internet Explorer. Under normal circumstances this is due to the address bar option being disabled in the View Toolbars menu. If you find that the address bar has disappeared but the address bar option is enabled in the View>Toolbar>address menu then proceed as follows: How to Display the Menu Bar in Internet Explorer Jul 28, 2019 Stop Internet Explorer 11 Scroll Bar from Disappearing

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Favorites Bar disappeared on IE Browser - How to restore

4 When you’re finished, click Close to save your new toolbar settings.. The new tools appear. Click the double-arrow button on the right of the toolbar to display any tools that IE can’t fit onscreen. You can use the Move Up and Move Down buttons in the Customize Toolbar dialog box to rearrange the order in which tools appear on the toolbar.